Assassin's Creed is a third-person stealth game in which the player primarily assumes the role of Alta๏r as experienced by Desmond. The primary goal of the game is to carry out a series of assassinations ordered by Al Mualim. To achieve this goal, the player must travel from the Brotherhood's headquarters in Masyaf, across the terrain of the Holy Land known as the Kingdom to one of three cities, Jerusalem, Acre, or Damascus, to find the Brotherhood agent in that city. There, the agent, in addition to providing a safe house, gives the player minimal knowledge about the target, and requires them to perform additional intelligence gathering missions prior to attempting the assassination. These missions include eavesdropping, interrogation, pickpocketing, and completing tasks for informers and fellow assassins. Additionally, the player may take part in any number of side objectives, including climbing tall towers to map out the city, and saving citizens who are being threatened or harassed by the city guards. There are also various side quests that do not advance the plot such as hunting down and killing Templars and flag collecting. After completing each set of assassinations, the player is returned back to the Brotherhood and rewarded with a better weapon and then given another set of targets, with the player free to select the order of their targets.

Sitting on a bench will allow the player to blend in and avoid being spotted by guards.The player is made aware of how noticeable Alta๏r is to enemy guards as well as the current state of alert in the local area via an alertness level meter. To perform many of the assassinations and other tasks, the player must consider the use of commands distinguished by its type of profile. Low profile commands allow Alta๏r to blend into nearby crowds, gently pass by other citizens, or other non-threatening tasks that can be used to hide and reduce the alertness level; the player can also use Alta๏r's retractable blade to attempt low profile assassinations. High profile commands are more noticeable, and include running, scaling the sides of buildings to climb to higher vantage points, and attacking foes; performing these actions at certain times may raise the local area's awareness level. Once the area is at high alert, the crowds will run and scatter while guards will attempt to chase and bring down Alta๏r; in order to reduce the alert level, the player must control Alta๏r as to break the guards' line of sight and then find a hiding space such as a haystack or rooftop garden, or blend in with the citizens or wandering scholars. Should the player be unable to escape the guards, they may fight back using a number of swordplay maneuvers.

During gameplay, intentional glitches that include nucleotides (which compose DNA) and computer messages will flash on the screen.The player's health is described as the level of synchronization between Desmond and Alta๏r's memories; should Alta๏r take damage, some amount of synchronization is lost, and if all synchronization is lost, the current memory that Desmond is experiencing will be restarted at the last checkpoint. When the synchronization bar is full, the player has the additional option to use "eagle vision" which allows the computer-rendered memory to highlight all visible characters in colors corresponding to whether they are friend or foe or even the target of their assassination. Due to Alta๏r's memories being rendered by the computer of the Animus project, the player may experience "glitches" in the rendering of the historical world, which may help the player to identify targets, or can be used to alter the viewpoint during in-game scripted scenes should the player react fast enough when they appear.

Requirements :-

~4GHz Processor
256Mb For the graphics card (Radeon X800 or GeForce 6800 or higher)
1.5GB+ of Ram
6GB on Disk Space