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جمعه 2 اسفند 1387

Advanced System Optimizer includes more than 30 tools for supercharging your PC's performance, and more than 200 tweaks for customizing Windows and improving its performance. New features include a Spyware Detective, an Icon Manager, a Media Files Organizer, and a comprehensive backup tool for Outlook and for files and folders. You can back up the registry and restore it if it's damaged by a virus attack. Additionally, the System Cleaner removes junk and obsolete files from the system, including files often missed by the system uninstaller as well as by defrag and scandisk programs. The Registry Cleaner ensures that invalid information is removed, and the Registry Defragger helps you get maximum speed from your computer.

Optimization Tools
Memory Optimizer:
Recover memory within minutes without affecting stability. Optimize system files for faster response time and prevent your system from the most common causes of PC crashes.

Windows Optimizer:
An all-in-one utility to customize various Windows settings. Tweak Windows programs according to your requirements and boost your PC's performance.

Registry Defragger and Optimizer:
Fine-tune your system registry by removing redundant data and invalid entries. Get a fresh new registry with no fragments and no bad data.

PC Fix-up and Information Tools
Repair and Fix Zip Files:
A powerful tool to repair corrupt zip files. It checks the data integrity, fixes damaged files, creates a backup of the original file and then repairs the corrupt zip files.

Split and Join Files:
Split larger files into smaller chunks for portability and join them back to get the consolidated original file. Split and join files of any format.

System Information:
A helpful utility that helps you get detailed information of the software and hardware components of your system. It comes with an easy-to-use and friendly interface.

Files and Folders Information:
Get detailed information about any of your files and folders. Know about the occupied and available space in various drives on your system.

System Analyzer and Advisor:
A quick solution to analyze and optimize your system performance. It collects information about your system settings, analyzes them and provides you with suggestions to enhance system performance.

Safe Uninstaller:
A comprehensive tool to manage programs installed on your system. It provides you with a descriptive list of all the installed programs and also an option to uninstall the existing programs.

Logon Settings:
Fine tune Windows logon per your requirements. Get features like automatic logon, special messages on startup and options to configure startup security settings.

System Clean-up Tools
System and Disk Cleaner:
A simple tool to get rid of the trash collected on your system. It targets junk and obsolete files which are missed by common disk utilities.

Registry Cleaner and Fixer:
Over time Windows registry can begin to hold invalid data which causes Windows slowdown and other possible problems. Registry cleaner streamlines your registry by removing invalid data.

Find Duplicate Files:
Your system may have many duplicate files that consume disk space and make the system's file access rate slow. Find and remove duplicate files to save memory.

Startup Cleaner & Autorun Manager:
A comprehensive utility to manage startup and autorun programs. It empowers you to add and remove programs in startup.

Secure Delete:
Get rid of the fear of your deleted data being recovered. A dependable tool to delete files and folders permanently with no possibility of being recovered.

Security Tools
Secure Encryptor:
A simple utility to protect confidential and valuable data. Encrypt the Files and Folders and prevent them from being browsed.

Sticky Pad:
A handy repository for notes at your desktop. Supports features like add, delete, hide and unhide notes. You can customize their appearance as well

Privacy Protector:
Most of the activites done on your computer are stored and can be traced easily. Ensure your privacy and keep sensitive information secure using Privacy Protector.

Spyware Detective:
Many sites on the Internet use different spying techniques to collect information from your system. Spyware detective detects and removes the most commonly found spyware.

Block Programs:
Block the programs you do not want to be executed. The programs added to the block list are not uninstalled but simply not allowed to execute.

Maintenance Tools and Utilities
Easy Backup Files and Folders:
A utility to back up all or any files and folders, emails and registry on your system with an built-in scheduler to schedule your backups.

Media Files Organizer:
An all-in-one solution for organizing various media files. It lets you group the files under various folders, create play lists, save your database, organize favorite folders and much more.

Appointment Planner:
A comprehensive tool to schedule your appointments, holidays etc and get notification on the time scheduled. It can also be used to store passwords.

System Files Backup and Restore:
A minimal effort tool to revert back to the last good configuration entries by backing up system files and restoring them in case of System Failure.

Beautify Windows Tools
Windows Minimizer and Fader:
A simple utility to tailor the Task Bar appearance. With this tool you can easily switch over between all opened windows and can minimize or maximize them accordingly. You can also set their transparency level.

Wallpaper Changer:
A perfect tool which automatically changes your desktop wallpaper and make your own group of images.

Icon Manager:
Icon manager provides you with one single interface to change various icons as well as repair those that don't display correctly.

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  • دانلود فیلم Hannibal Rising >> 2007

    جمعه 2 اسفند 1387

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  • دانلود فیلم Defiance >> 2008

    جمعه 2 اسفند 1387

    Release Title Defiance 2008 DVDSCR XviD AC3-KingBen (Kingdom-Release)
    Release Date 9 January 2009 (UK)
    Release Length 2:16:47
    Storyline Three Jewish brothers escape from Nazi-occupied Poland into the Belarussian forest, where they join Russian resistance fighters and endeavor to build a village in order to protect themselves and others in danger.

    Daniel Craig ... Tuvia Bielski
    Liev Schreiber ... Zus Bielski
    Jamie Bell ... Asael Bielski
    Alexa Davalos ... Lilka Ticktin
    Allan Corduner ... Shamon Haretz
    Mark Feuerstein ... Isaac Malbin
    Tomas Arana ... Ben Zion Gulkowitz
    Jodhi May ... Tamara Skidelsky
    Kate Fahy ... Riva Reich
    Iddo Goldberg ... Yitzchak Shulman
    Iben Hjejle ... Bella
    Martin Hancock ... Peretz Shorshaty
    Ravil Isyanov ... Viktor Panchenko
    Jacek Koman ... Konstanty 'Koscik' Kozlowski
    George MacKay ... Aron Bielski

    Genre Drama | War
    Language English
    Original Source Defiance DVDSCR DVDR-ORCDVD
    Total Size 1,471,297,536 Bytes

    Video Specs

    Container: AVI(.AVI)
    Video Codec Type: XVID
    Video Codec name: XviD 1.0.3
    Bitrate: 976 KBS
    Encoding: 3 Pass
    Resolution: 720 x 400
    Quality Factor (QF): 0.141
    Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
    Display Aspect Ratio: 1.800
    Subtitles: English for foreign parts

    Audio Specs

    Audio Codec: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3
    Bitrate: 448 KBS
    Bitrate Type: CBR
    Sample Rate: 48000Hz
    Channel Count: 6
    Screens :

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  • جمعه 2 اسفند 1387


    Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War 2-rFORCE

    It's the 41st Millennium in the Sub-Sector Aurelia — a cluster of worlds on
    the edge of the Galaxy – where a battle of epic proportions is about to commence.
    Ancient races will clash across the planets that dot this section of space,
    battling for the greatest of stakes — not only the claim to the land and its
    bounty - but the fate of each race.

    Dawn of War II ushers in a new chapter in the acclaimed RTS series — taking
    players to the brutal frontlines of war to lead an Elite Strike Force on a
    mission to save the galaxy. With a focus on fast-action RTS gameplay, Dawn of
    War II brings to life the science fiction universe of Warhammer 40,000 like
    never before. Experience the intimate brutality of battle as you play through
    your chosen race’s epic campaign. Clash with enemies on battlefields ablaze
    with visceral melee and ranged combat. Lead and develop your squads from raw
    recruits into the most battle hardened veterans in the Galaxy.

    ESRB Rating: M for Blood and Gore, Violence
    Genre: Real-Time Strategy
    Online Play: 2 Co-Op
    Exclusively on PC
    Release Date: February 19, 2009

    General Features 

    * Brutal Frontline Action & Tactics – Get straight into the action and experience
    intense melee & devastating ranged combat. Use vicious melee sync-kills to obliterate
    your enemies. Outsmart your opponents – using dynamic and destructible environments
    to suppress, flank and destroy your foes.
    * Non-Linear Single Player Campaign – Command an elite strike force, choosing
    from a variety of playable races and play through that race’s unique storyline,
    developing the skills and abilities of your squads and commander as you progress
    through the game.
    * Co-Op Multiplayer – Play through the entire single player campaign
    co-operatively with a friend, at any point in the game, anytime.
    * Next Generation RTS Engine – Utilizing Relic’s proprietary Essence Engine 2.0
    to deliver cinematic visuals, detailed graphics & special effects.

    Multilanguage support: ENG, FR, ITA, GER, SPA


    1.Edit INSTALL_DOW2.bat
    set SRC="DownloadsDoW2Dawn of War II_disk1.sim" Way to file SIM
    set DST="coW2" Way Unrar
    2.Save and enter INSTALL_DOW2.bat
    3.Copy all files from Folder "loader" to game
    4.Change address SteamClientDll in file rev.ini on your
    5.Click Loader and Play

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  • دانلود بازی Transformers The Game

    جمعه 2 اسفند 1387

    Based on the 2007 live-action feature film, Transformers: The Game lets gamers control the outcome in the battle for Earth
    as they choose to protect it as Autobots or destroy it as Decepticons.
    Players experience the unstoppable power and massive scale of their favorite Robots in Disguise such as BumbleBee, Barricade
    and others

    The Original Install Is 3,68 GB

    And The Repack Is 3,35 GB


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  • دانلود بازی Shadowrun

    جمعه 2 اسفند 1387

    FASA Studio, the creative minds behind MechWarrior and Crimson Skies®: High Road to Revenge™, are back with Shadowrun™, the new multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) based on the much beloved RPG franchise. Shadowrun propels team-based combat into a new dimension with a revolutionary blend of modern weaponry and ancient magic.

    Up to 16 players battle for control of this new world through Windows Vista's Xbox 360-to-Windows Vista online compatibility. In Shadowrun, vie for supremacy in a constantly evolving battlefield where advanced technology and ancient magic provide an unprecedented and high-velocity tactical action experience.


    Rich legacy: After a 5,000 year absence magic has returned to the world of 2021, and global corporate might battles a relentless ancient order to harness this reawakened power. Be a part of the RNA global megacorp and bring order (and profit) into a world of chaos, or join the Lineage to keep magic wild and free at all costs. Choose a side and wage war for the future of magic in the new world of Shadowrun.

    Magic and weapons: Dive into a universe where ancient magic co-exists with deadly weaponry, and experience a revolution in multiplayer FPS gaming. Purchase advanced technology and magic each round in an extraordinary arms race to improve your abilities and open up new tactics for your team. Use your cybernetic eye to spot your enemy through walls, teleport behind your opponents in the blink of an eye, trigger a hologram as a distraction then cut them down with a burst from your rifle to clear the room before they even know you're there.

    Cross-platform multiplayer: For the first time ever, Xbox 360 and Windows gamers can compete as a team or as foes. Experience a quantum leap in interactivity as console and Vista PC gamers battle for supremacy online via Windows Vista and Xbox Live®. As you battle endlessly for the right to be crowned the last man standing, you'll also struggle to answer the age-old of question of which is the more efficient killer: Windows PC or Xbox 360? Through the unprecedented cross-platform functionality, up to 16 gamers using both Windows PC and the Xbox 360 console will participate together in the ultimate multiplayer frag-fest.

    Classic races reinterpreted: Experience the thrill of combat as magic reawakens creatures of legend. Humans are joined by elves, dwarves, and trolls in a battle for supremacy among soaring corporate towers and an ancient ziggurat of power. Strike a balance on your team with races possessing unique abilities complementing your weapons and tactics.

    Ultimate battlefield: Fight against or alongside A.I. teammates or join up with friends against all comers via System Link, Splitscreen, LAN, or Xbox Live. Fill out your team with incredible A.I. characters that respond to each tactical situation and provide an unparalleled team experience. Train offline with the robust A.I., or play through a host of mini-games cooperatively online with your friends as you master the magic and technology of Shadowrun


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  • ShellShock 2 - Blood Trails >> Repack 3,38 GB

    جمعه 2 اسفند 1387

    Shellshock 2 is considered a survival horror FPS game set in the Vietnam War.
    See me play the first level and if you can find out which parts are scary

    The Original Install Is 4,26 GB

    And The Repack Is 3,38 GB


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  • دانلود بازی Ratatouille

    جمعه 2 اسفند 1387

    In Ratatouille, relive all the film's most thrilling and hilarious moments as you assume the role of Remy. From the underground sewers to the bustling streets of Paris, dash, swim, glide, and slide through five action-packed, visually stunning worlds filled with dangerous enemies, intense heists, and perilous missions.

    * Cinematic action: Relive the movie's most intense action scenes through the eyes of Remy.
    * Expansive gameplay: With more than 20 challenging missions and mini-games, explore five action-packed, open-world environments.
    * Multiplayer fun: Go head to head with multiplayer games.
    * Voice talent: The game features major voice talent from the film.

    Install the game - Full Installation.
    * Copy the following directories from CD to root directory of any harddrive:
    o MUSIC
    o VIDEOS
    root C: -> results in C:\VIDEOS & C:\MUSIC.
    * Replace the original OVERLAY.EXE & OVERLAY_WIN2K.EXE files with the ones from the File Archive.
    * Play the Game!


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  • دانلود بازی B.A.S.E. Jumping : 2007

    پنجشنبه 1 اسفند 1387

    B.A.S.E. Jumping | 2007 | PC Game | Genre: Extreme Sports Simulator

    Dive into an extreme experience of absolute freedom! The new computer game “B.A.S.E.” offers you the opportunity to experience the awesome thrill of freefall, to witness the adventure of overcoming indomitable air elements, and feel that moment of truth when a human being takes his last, decisive step into the gaping abyss before him…

    * New Locations: Kjerag (Norway) and KVLY-TV Antenna (USA)
    * 20 New Missions.
    * New ability to create missions with airplane flying by custom route.
    * Ability to add custom NPCs.
    * New Location: Angel Falls.
    * Wingsuit acrobatics.
    * 6 New Missions

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  • دانلود بازی Alien Shooter: Vengeance

    پنجشنبه 1 اسفند 1387


    Alien Shooter: Vengeance

    21st century. The M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation sends its mercenaries to the top secret object. Awful and dangerous experiments were held there and now they are beyond control. The hero must complete their tasks destroying anything and anyone in their path.

    The game starts with player arriving at the scene (M.A.G.M.A facility). After meeting with General Baker inside, the player must search for surivors within the facility while making their way through waves of alien raids. One of the survivors is Nicholas the engineer, an employee of the M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation. He provides rewards if the player fulfills his requests.

    Besides General Baker and Nicholas, one other NPC on this mission is Kate Lia, a mercenary hired alongside the player. While gathering information on the M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation, Kate Lia is abducted by the aliens when the player is trapped in the host computer room.

    The player's first encounter with the leader of the aliens is on a mission where the 'leader of the aliens' has started a self-destruction program on M.A.G.M.A.'s facility. After stopping the countdown General Baker comes to the conclusion that there is a leader who controls the aliens.

    M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation itself has made a deal with General Baker. The corporation asks General Baker and the rest of the mercenaries to shut the entire case down in return for a large amount of money. The player is sent to the next facility, the ME2 Base.

    After battling through hordes of aliens, the player finally manages to get into the ME2 Base. They discover something even more shocking after, after the player downloads data, while clearing the aliens in the base. The M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation is currently researching ways to control the alien army, but things went wrong and all hell broke lose in the M.A.G.M.A. Energy Corporation facility.

    General Baker asks the player to rescue Kate after M.A.G.M.A.'s research is destroyed. He has located the alien's breeding ground deep within the coal nearby and sends the player and a couple of soldiers to clean up the aliens once and for all. After destroying the breeding ground, General Baker learned that the data downloaded to the disk contains informations on how to control the aliens, and he plans to use it. General Baker is killed after being confronted by the player.

    Finally, planning to save Kate, the player engages the aliens in a final battle. The aliens swarms all around the place endlessly while the player prepares himself to meet the leader of the aliens who kidnapped Kate Lia. Both the alien leader along with his alien horders are confronted by the player in the biggest fight of all. The player kills the alien leader.

    Kate Lia is dead by the time the player reaches her. The game ends with aftermath stories. The disk which contains the data about controlling the aliens and the portals is destroyed. The aliens, from disciplined army has started to fight each other instead of humans. Cities which suffers from the alien invasions has started to recover.

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